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Then Let There Be Light


Hey hey hey and, for the very last time: welcome to Theory Thursday!

This is both, the end of my Theory Thursdays, and the end of my Gallifrey Is Alive Series, so let’s end these two with a bang, shall we?


Let us talk about light and dark. It is, I’d like to argue, the biggest theme in Doctor Who, ever. I hope I can get across just how epic it is, but I am confident when I say: If you want to understand Doctor Who, you have to understand the light and dark theme. Let us begin.

The Shadows Are Moving Again

It was the very clever belovedoswin who first noticed it. She noticed that light often co-occurs with safety and that darkness means the universe is screwed. Like, people with torches in their hands don’t get turned into dolls, but it is night time when the Doctor gets stuck in the Pandorica. 

You might argue that this is just theatrics 101. When is light not associated with something good? Oh, but it goes much further than that!

Moffat’s most famous monsters are all connected to the dark, like the Weeping Angels or the Vashta Nerada.


Belovedoswin also pointed out that the Doctor’s very companion’s name is a reference to light: "Clara" means bright, sometimes clear.


Or consider Mr. Lux, for instance whose name is the Latin word for light. 


But to make you understand the real magnitude of this theme, let me once more point out to you that the name “Gallifrey” itself supposedly translates to “they that walk in the shadows” (source: tardis wikia).  And every shadow - be it under Moffat or RTD and possibly even in the Big Finish audio books -, every brilliant monster that lurks in the dark, must be a reference to Gallifrey. And every light must be something that opposes it.


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DOCTOR WHO MEME - two quotes

I’ll suffer if I have to kill you.

More than every living thing in the universe?

Y e s.


Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in NY - DW World Tour - 14th August 2014 [x]

Jenna Coleman - Empire Magazine

The Angels Have The Phone Box


Hey hey hey it’s Theory Thursday! First, I want to apologise in advance if this theory might read a bit weird. My Internet connection is still down, forcing me to write this theory in a café, next to some insufferably chatty people whose love life I am now more familiar with than I ever needed to be.  Not to mention they are chattering away in rapid German which makes it very hard to do the English thing.

But enough with the whining, here comes today’s theory. Do you remember that the Weeping Angels tried to steal the TARDIS in Blink? I promised I would provide an alternative explanation why they did it.

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