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You didn’t save me.

Tasha = River - How Would That Even Work?


Hey there and welcome to Theory Thursday!

I want to apologise for the boringness of last week’s theory, and I hope I can make it up with this one. You should know that in my real life, the skies are pretty much falling right now (to put it mildly). I am okay, but writing is kind of the last thing on my mind right now.

But I promised a theory per week and I have yet to break that promise. Ha! Take that, weird twist of fate! You shall not bring this nerdy blogger down! Anyway, enough with the whining, let’s go.


Today’s theory tackles the question: If Tasha really was River, how would that work? And I can already tell you that I think I have an answer to this.

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It’s A Celebration



Guys, my blog turned 1 year old today and, incidentally, this is my 500th post!

So I want to take a moment to thank you all for being the wonderful, sparkly people that you are.

When I started this blog, my only intention was to make regular positive remarks about Moffat, in order to try and counterbalance - the sometimes very loud - haters.

But what happened along the way was that the sheer amount of creativity and brilliance that one is faced with when being on tumblr pulled me out of all kinds of funks I was in at that time. Who knew the nerdiest hobby in the world could be so inspiring? You are all fantastic!


There are a couple of wonderful people whose messages I look forward to every day, because they fill my inbox with absolute joy and awesomeness. But I want to give a special shout out to these four wonderful tumblrers:

belovedoswin  - without a doubt the nicest person in all of the Internet. She was the first person I met on here, has stood up against tumblr bullies for me when I didn’t even ask, is wise beyond her years, and always has something incredibly brilliant or funny to say. And she is weird about avocados. Also, her blog is just beautiful. You are perfect, sister!

lunarblue21 - also one of the first people I met on here, also someone who stands up against bullies, also incredibly nice. Her blog is deep, full of (ice age) meta, and extremely inspiring. It has single-handedly gotten me out of my writer’s block. Thank you so much for that.

tillthenexttimedoctor - If you don’t know her blog, you are missing out on some of the best Doctor Who meta out there. But be warned, you’ll need milk, cookies, and a lot of tissues!

last but not least: theories-for-who - this girl has taken it upon herself to peruse the Internet, to manage theories and predictions, and to provide a place where people can contribute their thoughts. On top of it, she writes her very own brilliant theories. I am really impressed. Hats off to you - oh yeah, and good luck with your exams!

There are more people who have inspired me and who make my day and inbox brighter (you know who you are). But if I listed everyone, I would be bound to forget someone important, which is why I decided to pick but a handful. But thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you! You all rock!

(And now I am asking a pretend question so the answer option will be activated. We all do that, right? ;-))

GERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD YESTERDAY? GREEN JUICE!!!! And that reminded me of you so badly ahahahahah the weird about avocados is you. One year?? This means I know you for almost one year because I found you last April too I think (well, series 7 was still on). How crazy. And *you* are the coolest and the nicest and all that things, thank you thank you for putting up with me for all this time because I can be really weird sometimes, and also for helping me whenever I ask! You’re the best. And I hope you know I will always always stick up for you and if you ever need me, you know where my askbox is. And I hope you stay here for a lot more years okay, tumblr would never be the same without you. You are my favourite person here and you know it. Bless you German, bless

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Doctor Whatever…



Hey hey hey it’s Theory Thursday!

I read a theory today over at theories-for-who. It basically raises the question of what would really happen if the Doctor spoke his name, and made me remember that I had something similar on my to-do list.

But wait a minute, don’t we know already what happens if the Doctor speaks his name? Won’t it bring the Timelords back? 

Well, I don’t buy it.

It can’t be all there is to it. In The Wedding Of River Song we learn that his name is a “terrible, dangerous secret that must never be told”. Why though? This happens looooong before the Doctor learns that Gallifrey is still there. It can’t just be about preventing a new time war.


And if saying the name really does reveal a terrible secret that must never be told - would the Timelords really make him say it? And once the Doctor said it, would it really still be safe to return? I don’t know, I am not convinced. 

So what would happen if the Doctor spoke his name?

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